You are a gift
There is no one quite like you.

The Gift Site

Welcome to the Gift Site.

Each of us is a unique gift to the world. This site is designed to help you discover your gift and to give you a convenient, fun way of helping others to discover their gifts, too!

We invite you to do three things here:

  • Share your gift, your experience of discovering your gift, and the ways that you have been inspired to put this gift process to work in the world by contributing your gift story to the site.

Each of us is a gift, although there are many times that we may not realize it. People we meet can touch our lives in very simple, yet significant ways. Their unique gift may touch our souls and guide our paths.



Discover the gift that you are.

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Did you know?

Gratitude exercises like these can play a significant role in your health and well-being!

Studies show that daily exercises in gratitude contribute to higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism, and energy.

In fact, people who practice daily acts of gratitude report experiencing less depression and stress, exercise more regularly, make more progress toward their personal goals, and feel more loved than those who do not! (McCullough and Emmons)

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